Monday, February 6, 2012

Video Footage of the Fight

Well, I finally got Aeonaxx on my hunter a couple of days ago. I was able to fraps everything short of the actual spawn in the process. I was tabbed out of the game, yet again, working on some boring ass meeting minutes when NPCScan nearly gave me a heart attack. I tabbed back in and instantly started frapsing. This is the first thing I saw when I tabbed back in:

I was camped between the NW1 and NW2 spawn points (as you can see from my mini map), and Aeonaxx spawned at the NE spawn point. Luckely my view distance was maxed out so NPCScan picked him up. I nearly had a heart attack flying over there to snag him, those seconds felt like minutes. As you can see from the video below the fight is easier than ever with some decent gear. I only saw two whelps during the whole length of the fight and I was able to one-shot both of them. Also, note that at the end of the fight I slowed down my dps in order to make sure that Aeonaxx's corpse landed somewhere nice and flat so that I wouldn't have any trouble looting.

Yippie Skippie! Here's the vid:


  1. I was wondering if I went into my system settings and turned off all the sound by turning down sound, music, and Ambience down to Low and kept Master volume at 100% and left my speakers on loud and was still tabbed into the game. If it would still go off and wake me up from my sleep. I just plan on leaving my computer on all night while I catch zzz's and let it wake me up. But I don't know if it will go off, and I prefer not to hear wings flapping loudly all night long, bc I am on a pvp server and am trying to prevent ppl from killing me while I'm afk.

  2. Actually, I believe it will now. I just tested it with volume at 100%... def went of... then tested at 0% and didn't... so I'm assuming that the Sound, Music, and Ambiance tabs do not influence the add on.. lol (i hope)

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  4. hey guys i have a question how do u keep wow from putting u in afk and logging u out after 30 minutes ? my real ID is fearless#1489 please help

  5. do i have to kills the rares in deepholme in order to make the spawn timer shorter ?

    1. Nope, unless something has changed, killing the other rares is not going to effect Aeonaxx spawning.

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