Friday, February 3, 2012

Update: A Couple of Close Calls & Some SilverDragon Info

Aeonaxx Unmounted above Quartzite Basin (Click image to zoom)
So I haven't posted in a while, mainly because I've been pretty busy working on my other blog WoW Rare Spawns and I haven't been looking for Aeonaxx too seriously. I have been camping on and off here and there for the past few months though. I've had a couple of misses (all of which I was nowhere near the computer to even see), last night however I was tabbed out of the game working on my other blog when the good old NPCScan horn sounded. I was in windowed mode, so I can absolutely confirm that being tabbed out in windowed mode will still allow you to hear NPCScan go off. Fullscreen still = bad. Aeonaxx spawned in the Quartzite Basin spawn point, and although I immediately tabbed back in and headed straight for him a mage who was camping a bit closer got to him first. Luckily though, I was able to get everything on video. From the unmounted Aeonaxx circling above Quartizite Basin to the kill.

Aeonaxx switching over from un-engaged to engaged (Click image to zoom)
I also recorded something that I thought was worth sharing and that is the use of the SilverDragon addon while camping for Aeonaxx. If you look at the two screenshots above and to the right you can see that SilverDragon (on the default setting) will show you the difference between un-engaged Aeonaxx and Aeonaxx already in combat. Not only do both id's get cached, but it actually tells you right in the pop-up box which one it is. I have found this to be incredibly helpful, especially for camping while not being right there at the computer. A couple of times I have come back to my computer with the NPCScan alert screaming at me, but instead of frantically flying around looking for Aeonaxx I could see right in the SilverDragon window that I only picked up engaged Aeonaxx while someone in-combat flew by. If you would like a little more info on SilverDragon you can check out the SilverDragon post on my other blog.

So anywho, here is what I caught on video last night (notice how incredibly fast Aeonaxx flies once engaged). Grats again Icarium!

Blood Seeker Update:

I'd like to add one other update as well, this one having to do with pesky lil Blood Seeker. For the past few months I have noticed that Blood Seeker has not been gracing us with his presence for nearly as long as he used to when he spawns in. About a week ago I actually witnessed him spawn in and then disappear again in probably less than ten seconds. A few other times I have had SilverDragon alert me of his presence and I just wasn't able to find him before he disappeared again. Not sure if this is really helpful information or not, but I figured it was worth mentioning.

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