Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Videos and Coordinates of Each Aeonaxx Spawn Point

After massive research and seeing him spawn in one of the locations myself, I've put together some short fraps videos of each one of the spawn locations. The place where my character is hovering in each of the videos is approximately where Aeonaxx spawns give or take a few yards.

NE1 (51, 43):

NW1 (42,47):

NW2 (44, 43) This is Where Aeonaxx Spawned When I got him:

SE1 (52, 64):

SW1 (42, 60) This is the Most Highly Camped Location on my Sever:

SW2 (47, 57):

Although these are all approximate spawn points where Aeonaxx spawns, I did not camp him in any of those exact spots. I always camped roughly between two locations so that NPC scan would have a better chance of going off and if he spawned at either location I'd have an equally fast chance of getting to him before someone else.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Where Aeonaxx Spawns and Where I Found Him

When people originally began camping Aeonaxx they believed that he spawned in several different locations around deepholm and from the spawn location began to fly in a circular pattern around the Temple of the Earth. This was incorrect.

Aeonaxx has a total of six spawn locations as you can see from the map below~

The most popular camp point on my server is just above Quartzite Basin, circled in red below. This is commonly referred to as SW1 (42,60). Most times I began camping here someone would inevitably park their toon right on top of me moments later. Sometimes I would come back to my computer to see three or four people hovering around so I decided it was time to move.

Aeonaxx spawned for me in the location circled in green below, this location is commonly referred to as NW2 (44,43). I camped this spot for several weeks before my npc scan finally went off, and in that time I only ever once saw another camper at that location. If your on a high population server or your noticing a lot of other campers around Quartzite Basin I'd definitely recommend this particular spawn point. It is very close to another spawn point (npc scan should sound if he spawns in either location.)

When Aeonaxx spawns he will not fly in huge circles around the temple of the earth. When I saw Aeonaxx just after he spawned I observed him for a short time and his flight pattern. Aeonaxx was flying upward in small tight circles, never moving very far at all from the original spawn point. So if you think you can just leave your toon parked at one of the spawn points and eventually Aeonaxx will fly by, it's not a guarantee that you will see him or your npcscan will go off if he does spawn somewhere in the zone. Granted this was how I found him, but I happened to get lucky. Before I actually nabbed him I wouldn't be surprised if I missed him spawn once of twice because someone camping another spawn point got him first. If you aren't going to afk camp you'll have to be sure to check all spawn points regularly.