Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Quick Overview of Aeonaxx and Fight

Like the Time-Lost Proto Drake, Aeonaxx is a rare-spawn who drops a very highly sought after flying mount, the Phosphorescent Stone Drake. Unlike the Time-Lost Proto Drake however, Aeonaxx will appear friendly to players until they get the option to mount him and kill him.

When you first see Aeonaxx he will be a normal silver dragon with a green name-plate over his head. Upon flying closer to him when you are in range a green "vehicle" arrow will appear. When you mount Aeonaxx the text on your screen will read "Kill Aeonaxx before his whelps overwhelm you."

At this point you need to start working on Aeonaxx's health (approx. 770k) while paying attention to the whelps that will be periodically spawning around him. The whelps are very easy to kill, but make sure you take them down immediately because too many can be overwhelming. Aeonaxx does no actual damage himself, all damage comes from the whelps.

Once Aeonaxx is dead you will be given a parachute and float to the ground with his body where you will be able to loot his corpse.

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