Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My Personal Aeonaxx Experience

How Long I Camped:

I spent a great deal of time camping for Aeonaxx before I finally snagged him. When I say "time" I mean time mostly afk while my toon flew near one of the spawn points with my volume turned way up so that I could hear NPC Scan go off if Aeonaxx were to appear. I personally recommend this method as sitting there staring at your screen waiting for him to fly buy would likely drive you insane. Every 15 min or so I would just tap my space bar as I walked by the computer. Most of my camping time happened while I was watching movies/TV or doing household chores within the vicinity of the computer. This method I'm sure took longer than someone who is continuously there, but it did work and I really wasted none of my own time.

Where I Camped:

I started off camping at what is currently the most popular (and most camped) spot, the Quartzite Basin. Once that became the official first confirmed spawn point people started to cluster there on my server. Any logical person could come to the conclusion that if Aeonaxx were to spawn with multiple people right on top of him your chances of snagging him would lower significantly. After much research I decided to change my regular spot to just NE of the entrance to the Stonecore. This had been reported as a spawn point and was close to another reported spawn point.

Use an Extra Account if you Can:

I also want to point out that sometimes I used TWO accounts to camp. Often times when my husband wasn't home I'd leave his toon parked NE of the Stonecore entrance, while I'd leave mine in the Quartzite Basin. I found this helpful as when I did find Aeonaxx my husbands NPC scan went off, and while I could see the spawn point from my own toon I couldn't see Aeonaxx and my NPC scan had not gone off. If you have access to an extra account the extra coverage is very nice.

The Spawn and Kill:

My husband's NPC scan went off around 2pm on a Friday. I had his Paladin flying just NE of the Stonecore entrance. Aeonaxx spawned a little lower then the height of the entrance itself and was flying upwards in small circles. I pondered jumping on my own toon who was in Quartzite Basin to head over there and grab him but I didn't want to miss the opportunity if someone else were to come along while I was heading there. I used my husband's pally to mount Aeonaxx and the fight took quite some time as he is a prot pally. The whelps didn't hit very hard at all and were very easy to kill, they pretty much died from aoe just seconds after they spawned. As Aeonaxx's health got low I paid attention to where my character was so that I'd be killing him in proximity to my own toon. (In other people's experience they could roll on the mount if grouped and close enough.) I finally got him down and although my character was very close when I downed him it was NOT CLOSE ENOUGH. I could not loot or trade the reins when they dropped.

Don't Give Up!

Not wanting to give up I decided to open up a ticket on both accounts explaining what had happened. I was told by numerous people that Blizzard wouldn't do anything about it, but I opened those tickets anyway. Well, I'm glad I did because 7 hours later I was contacted on my husbands account by an extremely friendly GM who said he would rectify the situation. He had me log off of the paladin and upon doing so the reins would disappear from his bag and the reins would be in my character's mail. I did as he asked and 5 minutes later the Reins of the Phosphorescent Stone Drake were mine! I was a happy camper! The GM did note however that just because he did this for me then, that it didn't mean that this was policy or could be done again. So do be aware that being grouped and closeby is not a guarantee you'll be able to loot the reins. You need to be very close apparently in order to do so.


  1. Did you have your view distance set to ultra when aeonaxx spawned but npcscan didn't go off? Because from what I've learned first hand how far can npcscan detect a mob depends on mob's size ( to be more exact that circle) and maybe view distance.

  2. My view distance was set to ultra on both accounts when NPCScan went off on the second account but not my own. I was just too far across the map to visually see him. You are absolutely correct, the size of the mob makes a HUGE difference as far as setting off NPCScan. As long as your video card can "draw" a particular mob it should go off. Unlike other mobs in Deepholm, Aeonaxx can be spotted very far away because of his size. A great example of being able to see an npc at an incredible distance would be the whale shark in Vash'jir. When Blood Seeker spawns however its the exact opposite, because he is so small you need to practically be on top of him before it will go off.

  3. How many days were you camping? I've been camping for a little less than a week all day(when I'm not at school) and all night.

  4. How many days of actual /played it took I'm not sure, but I can tell you that I did camp on and off for at least a couple of months. Camping sessions were anywhere from an hour to all day if I wasn't using my computer but still close to it.

  5. Ohhh, I see. Well, thanks for sharing a bunch. :)